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Confidentiality Agreement

As a Member of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild you will receive Confidential Information about the business of the Guild and, from time to time, Confidential Information about your fellow members. For purposes of this confidentiality policy, “Confidential Information” means information that is reasonably treated as confidential by the disclosing party, including, without limitation, business plans, technical and non-technical data, financial data, proprietary recipes, financial plans, information which the disclosing party obtains from a third party if such third party treats the information as confidential information, and information which is treated as a “trade secret” under Georgia law.

You may not disclose, divulge, make use of or make accessible Confidential Information obtained through your affiliation with the Guild to any person, including Your relatives, friends, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, owners, members, managers, representatives and agents, other than to persons to whom the Guild has expressly authorized disclosure.

You must exercise good judgment and care at all times to avoid unauthorized or improper disclosures of Confidential Information.

Brewers Association


Do not discuss any of the following topics:

  • Prices, pricing procedures, margins, what constitutes a fair profit level, changes in or stabilization of prices, terms or conditions ofsale.

  • Pricing practices of any industry member, including whether such practices are unethical, unfair, or in compliance with applicable legalstandards.

  • Forecasts of price increases ordecreases.

  • Specific credit terms, discounts, rebates, freight allowances, profits, profit margins or costs, market shares, allocation of markets, any limitation on sales, sales territories or distributionpractices.

  • Production levels or schedules - or the regulation ofsame.

  • Bids, or intent to bid, or not bid on acontract.

  • Selection, rejection, boycott, refusal to deal with, or termination of any suppliers or customers.

Do not exchange price information (or other sensitive business information) with competitors.

Do not agree with any competitor to refuse to sell to certain customers, or to buy from certain suppliers.

Do not discuss anything that may in any way tend to affect the availability of products or services.

Do not foster practices involving advertising, merchandising, standardization, certification, or accreditation that may perceived as misleading or as limiting competition or the ability of any industry member to compete.

Do not discuss matters that will encourage anyone to refrain from competing vigorously. Do not discuss matters that will limit anyone from manufacture or sale.

Do not discuss matters that could result in illegal brokerage or rebates. Do not discuss matters that could create improper reciprocity in dealing.

Doc: 117843